Brosmind for Wolfmother

Brosmind recently completed a series of gig posters for Wolfmother’s American tour.

The band approached Brosmind with an open brief to create two pieces for their New York and Chicago shows. The pieces are very different aesthetically, so we asked the illustration duo to talk about their influences and process in making the work:


“We have never been to Chicago and everything we understand about it comes from old travel programs. We always understood Chicago as a big, windy city with hundreds of skyscrapers. In listening to Wolfmother, we were inspired by the psychedelic. So we tried to mix those two concepts, where the Chicago Skyline is drawn by a dark liquid that revolves around polygons floating over a windy city.”


“For New York we wanted to do something very different and new to us. We decided to use free and broken lines and dark colors beneath a singing moon to create a mysterious atmosphere.”


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