Alex Trochut Mural Project, Vienna

Alex Trochut recently spoke at a design conference in Zurich, and soon thereafter was approached to create a mural in the Museum Quarter of Vienna.

Inspired the poem “Pequeno Vals Vienes” by Frederico Garcia Lorca and Leonard Cohen’s song “Take This Waltz”, the mural depicts two languages (Spanish and English) intertwined throughout an archway leading to the museum center.

“The project was an open brief”, Alex told us, “but was very challenging due to the nature of the space being curved with angular corners. I am so used to working on flat surfaces, it brought a different dimension to the work that it moves within the space.”

Below you can see the two languages, English and Spanish, intertwined.

To read the lyrics of “Take This Waltz” by Leonard Cohen, as well as learn more about Alex‘s process of painting the mural, visit his Facebook fan page:

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