Trujillo/Paumier shoot for T Magazine Winter Travel 2009

Joaquin Trujillo and Brian Paumier were given a dream assignment from the New York Times Style Magazine T: 4 days in Buenos Aires shooting bodegones, loosely defined as neighborhood restaurants where locals go to spend an afternoon eating and drinking big quantities for low fares.  Started by immigrants for immigrants, bodegones have become an institution of Argentina.

We asked Joaquin and Brian about their take on these cucinas:

“The bodegones are more than just places to eat. They are places for local people to have great food, drink wine, and socialize. When you are there, you notice that all of the patrons know each other, and many have spent most of the day there. These are not just cafes, but little communities”

“Each neighborhood has different bodegones. Some neighborhoods are populated densely by workers, others have a little more tourism. The establishments have different feelings because of this. When we were shooting, we really tried to focus on the people, movement, or palettes that represent each neighborhood.”

You can see more from this shoot at

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