Brosmind Poster for Phish

Brosmind recently completed a poster for the Phish fall tour. The posters were on sale at their November 27th and 28th shows in Albany, NY, and have since stirred up much interest on blogs and websites among the band’s many followers.

Juan and Alejandro Mingarro, the masterminds behind the work, shared some thoughts with us on their inspiration and process for this piece:

“We have always had a strong interest in antique pinball machines and the games seen at old fairs. They are so graphic and usually very intricate. We wanted to use many components and details in the overall piece, much like the music of Phish…many sounds layered together to make one song.”

Below is a detail of the piece:

“After we completed the poster, we were really happy with the fact that the work was so connected to the band. When the fans emailed us with such great compliments, it made us very proud. With a band like Phish, it is important to take into account not only the music but also the fans and culture.”

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