“Homesick” at the Carnegie Museum of Art

“Homesick”, a group show curated by Joaquin Trujillo (of Trujillo/Paumier), opened this weekend at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Oxnard, CA.

The show was comprised of 15 artists working in an array of mediums, including work by both Joaquin Trujillo and Brian Paumier, as well as our Studio Manager Stephanie Halmos.

Joaquin produced two new pieces for the show, in which he is exploring the influence of his mother and his 5 sisters on his life. Each flower depicted represents these women, as well as Joaquin himself.

Brian Paumier chose to include an ongoing project wherein he photographs found scenes or images in his grandmother’s home in order to preserve and explore the memory of watching her grow older.

We caught up with Joaquin and Brian to talk about their individual fine art work, and how it influences their commercial work as a team, and Brian shared his thoughts:

“We decided not to have a Trujillo/Paumier piece in the show, but rather to exhibit projects that are separate of one another. What we always do as a collaborative is bring our individual experiences to whatever we are shooting and using them to try and connect the viewer to something familiar or personal through the work.”

Below are some installation shots from the opening.

The above installation shot is the work of Stephanie Halmos, our studio manager here at Levine/Leavitt. You can see more of her work at www.StephanieHalmos.com.

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