Danny Clinch shoots Gogol Bordello

Danny Clinch recently photographed gypsy punk rockers Gogol Bordello, the nine man band led by Eugene Hutz.

We asked Danny to comment on the challenge of photographing such a large group of differing personalities, to which he replied, “Typically you see the band photographed in vivid color with big gestures. Each member has such a unique personality and style that I didn’t feel I needed to rely on that technique while taking their picture–I was more interested in taking a classic photograph of them and allowing those personalities to mesh together naturally into one image.”

Of his portrait of their frontman, Danny said, “Eugene is very passionate and is a performer at heart. I wanted a shot of him in a more natural, quiet moment.”


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3 responses to “Danny Clinch shoots Gogol Bordello

  1. amy

    Kilt + converse = awesome!

  2. Stephen

    These photos are such a different look for Gogol Bordello – the setting is very dramatic as well. Where was the shot taken?

    Stephen, Glasgow, Scotland

    • .

      Hi Stephen,

      This was shot here in New York but unfortunately we cannot say where. So glad you like the work!

      Best to you from Levine/Leavitt, NYC.

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