From the Archives: Danny Clinch and Charlie Mars

This is the first post of a series called From the Archives: Danny Clinch

The idea came to us while pouring through Danny’s archives and appreciating how beautiful and extensive his body of work is.  We plan to make this a monthly event on our blog because, just like old records, photographs have the ability to bring you excitement again and again when you re-visit them.

This month’s post From the Archives: Charlie Mars shot by Danny Clinch in Oxford, Mississippi in 2004.  Working with creative director David Calderley, the team traveled to Charlie’s home town for the shoot that would mark the beginning of a great, long-term collaboration between the southern-born musician and Danny.

Click on images to enlarge.

“Charlie took us all around Oxford, showing us the places where he would spend time growing up, and talking about the places that meant a lot to him and that informed his view of the world.  The images with the graffiti in the background is an old Bar-B-Q joint in the Delta, off the off roads.”

“The cotton fields are very common to the landscape down there.  This shoot was not only great because the collaborative element was fun, but also because being put in an environment that is so visually interesting and then being asked to respond to it is really what its all about.”

Stay tuned for an upcoming shoot with Charlie Mars and Danny Clinch in Spring 2010.





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2 responses to “From the Archives: Danny Clinch and Charlie Mars

  1. Hey I’m a huge Charlie Mars fan and I just want everyone to know that they can pick up a new song by him (free today) at the link below!
    Charlie and Danny also got together recently for some more photos and you can find them at the same link. Check it out!!

  2. Nancy, who does not fancyher? She may be raunchy…But she’s still the doll!

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