Levine/Leavitt welcomes Steven Wilson

We are proud to announce the addition of Steven Wilson to the Levine/Leavitt roster.  Welcome Steve!

Steven is an Illustrator who lives and works in Brighton, UK.  Originally from North London Steven fell in love with Brighton’s liberal attitudes and tendency to attract the weird and wonderful whilst studying on the renowned Illustration course there.  He can often be found foraging through the local flea markets for obscure books and discarded paraphernalia to use as inspiration.  Circus posters, fairgrounds, victorian postcards and tribal body art are amongst the themes he cites as reference for his varied and experimental work which he generalizes  as ‘somewhere between pop and psychedelia’.

His working processes are as eclectic as his influences.  Pen, pencil, paint, collage and even play-doh are combined with contemporary tools like photoshop and Illustrator to create his work.

He has a particular passion for working on album covers as he enjoys their permanent nature. “I like the idea that with an album sleeve the artwork is forever associated with that album and so you are creating a little piece of history.”
Steven’s clients include MTV, Coke, NYCGO, NIke, Virgin, Selfridges, Neiman Marcus, Penguin books, Sony BMG and The Fader.
Please check out more of Steven’s work at www.llreps.com


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2 responses to “Levine/Leavitt welcomes Steven Wilson

  1. Avi

    great work mate. you think if we followed your design we actually make neon lights that work? i live in china, it would be so easy and cheaper to commission here. just for kicks you know.

    • .

      Hello there! Steve is interested, can you let us know a bit about the process and how much it would cost to be made? Also, how much would it cost to get one shipped to the UK, and one to the US?
      Thanks so much, Liz Leavitt

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