“Welcome to Yosemite” by Nick Meek

“Welcome to Yosemite” is the newest personal venture by photographer Nick Meek.  An avid traveler and adventure enthusiast, Nick made the journey to Yosemite where he produced a number of stunning images that pay homage to the sentiment and beauty of the National Park.

“Upon entering the American destinations of National Parks, there are always glass cases of literature with history and information. I was reading and noticing how these plaques were yellowed from being exposed to so much sunshine, and that the writing (fonts) had not been changed since the 1970’s. These old bulletins really inspired this work. I wanted to create images that reference a sentimental, aged view of the park.”

View more of Nick Meeks work here.


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4 responses to ““Welcome to Yosemite” by Nick Meek

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  2. Kay

    Beautiful work! Quite nostalgic.

  3. purnapurno

    very nice!

  4. good god, these are gorgeous. i love the colors and the reason behind the yellowing..

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