Nick Meek’s “Feed Your Mind” Project

Nick Meek‘s newest personal project involves researching and building atomic structures of psychedelic drugs.

Nick gave us a first look at his “Feed your Mind” project, and took some time to tell us about the inspiration and direction of the work:

“A while back I photographed a model of the human brain.  While I was researching that picture, I developed an interest in looking through medical websites and learning about about the atomic structure. I discovered that atomic models are very architectural and quite beautiful, stylish objects.

It evolved into depicting recreational drugs because of the idea that people use these chemicals to expand their minds, and in the process of looking at the photographs, your mind is working to understand what the structures physically represent.

I am amazed at how the chemical structures look like the way the psychedelics effect you.  For example, Ecstasy (shown above) is a very elegant structure, versus LSD which is big and chaotic.”

Stay tuned to the Levine/Leavitt blog for more pieces from the “Feed Your Mind” project.

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One response to “Nick Meek’s “Feed Your Mind” Project

  1. Brilliant concept and a stunning image. Looking forward to seeing more.

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