Jenny Packham runway by Anthony Burrill, Fall 2010

Anthony Burrill’s second fashion week collaboration with Jenny Packham involved a disco-inspired runway in the geometric style of Anthony’s illustrative work.

We spoke with Anthony about the continued collaboration between he and Packham:

“I was really excited when she [Jenny] asked me to work with her again. This time, we better understood how to materialize the vision we both had for the show, and we decided to come at it from a different angle.

I looked at the collection and noticed what bright colors she used, so we thought using black and white geometry would compliment that.  In terms of design, our starting point was a Studio 54 type of feeling.”

“This time around, I was heavily involved in the show, from the layout of the room to the choice of chairs.  I thought it would be nice to have blue and purple lighting to set the mood in the room as guests arrived.  Once the show began, we blasted the set with white light, creating these clean lines that really highlighted the girls as they came down the runway.”

Anthony Burrill plans on continuing his collaboration with Jenny Packham in the future, not only with runway sets, but also with pattern and fabric design.  Stay tuned…

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