Introducing The Brosmind Army

The Mingarro brothers have just opened their most recent gallery show titled The Brosmind Army.  The show consists of 50 cylindrical ceramic sculptures, each with unique facial expressions and accessories.

We asked Juan and Alejandro to tell us more about the concept of this project, and the process of working in freestanding sculpture:

“Since we were kids, we have been collecting action figures and toys, always interested in one day creating our own collection.  We always had in mind to do it in 3-D.  The Brosmind Army consists of a growing collection of limited edition ceramic sculptures. We used ceramic because we wanted to create fine art limited pieces as opposed to an industrial product.

The Army is divided into several Platoons of 50 soldiers, distinguished by a particular kind of hat. Each solider is a unique character with it’s own face, tattoos, and accessories. Turning the hat of the soldier rotates between three different facial expressions.”

That’s Juan on the left, and Alejandro on the right.  You can learn more about the brothers at

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