Trujillo/Paumier cover story for Afar Magazine

Photography team Trujillo/Paumier traveled to Mexico City to shoot the cover story in this month’s Afar Magazine. The story is about locally grown food in Mexico and the celebrated food fair that happens in Michoacan, Mexico.

We asked Brian Paumier for a few words about the shoot:

“The shoot was great for several reasons. We were shooting something we had a direct connection with, because Joaquin is originally from the area. Also, its nice to help and be part of the introduction of real authentic dishes from the indigenous parts of Mexico. Having the freedom and trust from Afar to do what we do was amazing.”

And a few words from Joaquin Trujillo:

“The food we photographed is actually disappearing from Mexican menus. They are dishes that my mom used to cook for us at home in Mexico, that’s why it was so special to us. The dishes brought great memories.”

Stay tuned for more of their work in upcoming issues of Afar! You can see more work by Trujillo/Paumier on the Levine/Leavitt site.

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