Levine/Leavitt Welcomes Sean Freeman

We are happy to announce the addition of Sean Freeman to the Levine/Leavitt roster!

Sean is an illustrator and designer based out of London, whose clients list includes VH1, Nike, The New York Times, and Leo Burnett.  His work is highly process-based, incorporating glitter, dust, paint, wood, and fur.  Sean sat down for an interview with us, and spoke more in depth about how he likes to work.

Levine/Leavitt: What first made you interested in illustration and typography?  How did you nurture you interest, and from where do you take inspiration?

Seaf Freeman: I like words. I like music, and the lyrics from songs have always stuck with me.  I’ve been a huge fan of the typographic illustration scene for quite some time. During my final year at university I became really absorbed with it.  I loved the way some artists could use words and be completely entrancing.  I was really just interested in playing around, seeing what effects could be achieved through process, and took it from there.

L/L: You have a very hands-on creative process, using multiple materials.  What interests you in experimenting with materials?  Tell us a bit about how you like to work in the studio.

SF: I like the way different materials interact and how many of them there are.  In the kitchen alone there is an array of things that can be played with, and when they are shot and taken out of context, can transform with great aesthetic results.

The majority of my work is done by photographing lots of bits and then bringing them back together, like a collage, to create interesting effects.

L/L: What excites you most about the future of your work?  Where do you see your work going?

SF: My work is not limited to being purely typography or illustration, rather just taking each brief as it comes, whatever it may be.  I like the possibilities that come along with that.  I’d love to expand more on the typography side, and have a big personal project in mind in order to explore that.  I would also love to explore moving images.  I just finished a really fun test mixing powder explosions with hip-hop dancing.  Playing with that went well and was loads of fun to do.

You can view more of Sean’s work on the Levine/Leavitt site.

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