Dimitri Daniloff for LG

LG has just launched a new campaign shot by Dimitri Daniloff with Y&R New York.  The campaign centers around LG’s newest air conditioning system, with the copy reading “Cool Down Quickly.”

We spoke with Graeme Hall, one of the Creatives of the project, about his experience working with Dimitri and the evolution of shooting this project:

LEVINE/LEAVITT: For a project of this nature, you would have to be very specific in which photographer you felt could get this look.  How did you come upon working with Dimitri for this?

GRAEME HALL: Dimitri is a photographer that we have admired for a very long time.  And we knew that this was the project for him.  He has an aesthetic that is pretty much unrivaled, yet also understands story-telling within a frame.  We weren’t certain just how to make this campaign happen, so we needed someone that experimented, that wasn’t afraid to invent and improvise.  Looking at his body of work, it’s obvious that Dimitri loves to do that.  In the end, it was a very easy choice.

L/L: The images are very sleek and sophisticated, yet have a really cheeky, pop-style feeling to them.  Was this the intention at the onset of the project?

GH: Yes! The global LG identity is very strict.  It’s a bold and sophisticated one — essentially totally white and minima l– and we knew the idea had to sit happily within this.  However, once we’d hit on the concept of people having to cool down quickly in situations, we knew that humor was also essential.  Dimitri did a remarkable job of marrying these two worlds.  He identified early on that the campaign had to be shot in camera as opposed to relying on retouching.  Actually painting the people and creating a pure white, minimal set.  This resulted in shots that are genuinely stunning — real, beautiful photographs.  The humor inherent in the executions, coupled with the vivid primary colors and slightly exaggerated moments, produced the cheeky, pop-style feeling, as you say.

L/L: How much collaboration did you do with Dimitri in order to realize the copy and concept of this project?  Did he play a large role in how to bring this project to life?

GH: We approached Dimitri with a concept and some roughly scribbled executions.  However, as we started talking to him, he instinctively suggested extra details for each execution which we hadn’t even thought about.  From then on, it was a very collaborative process, discussing each execution in minute detail.  He added depth, character, and a lot of humor, whilst always maintaining his focus on the central idea.  He brought the entire campaign up to a higher level.

To see more of Dimitri’s work, visit the Levine/Leavitt site.

Copywriter: Julia Neumann, Art Director: Michael Schachtner, ACDs: Menno Kluin, Graeme Hall.

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