Trujillo/Paumier for Afar Magazine

Photography collaborative Trujillo/Paumier is featured on the cover of the June issue of Afar Magazine.  For the story, Joaquin and Brian traveled from Los Angeles to Taiwan to Shanghai photographing the famous dumpling houses, Din Tai Fung.

We spoke with Joaquin and Brian about their travels for the assignment:

“Shooting in Shanghai was especially cool because people there were really interested in our working process.  As we walked around the city with our 4×5 camera, people would ask us questions about it and about our interests.  At one point, as we had set up to photograph a guy with his bike, Joaquin and I were working side-by-side before turning around and seeing a large group of people shooting us as we took our photograph for the story.  Joaquin grabbed our smaller film camera and shot the crowd behind us and I shot the subject in front of our set up.  Afar placed the two resulting photos [below] together in the magazine and we were amazed they did so without knowing the story.  We were so happy to see that they edited our work so beautifully and had a great connection to the film from the assignment.”

To see the full Trujillo/Paumier portfolio, visit the Levine/Leavitt site.

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