Dimitri Daniloff for LG

Dimitri Daniloff has shot a new campaign for the LG 3-D television, the first of it’s kind.

The television is not the only cutting-edge technology used in the campaign.  Due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, Dimitri was unable to be on set in LA.  His solution was to shoot everything remotely from his studio in Paris, with the entire creative team on set in LA.

We talked to Dimitri about the process of shooting remotely, and what that experience was like:

“I had two computers, one with the webcam where I could watch and speak and be present on set in LA, and the other with a share screen.  We ran a program that connected with the camera, and through the click of a button I could fire the camera.  I could immediately see what the image looked like, and could respond to issues of set design and lighting

Once I knew I would not be able to be on set, I had to figure out how to solve the problem, and had used the share screen method remotely when working in post-production, but this was my first time shooting with this method.  With a good team, you can make anything possible.”

Below, Dimitri works remotely from Paris to photograph the parrot on set in LA.

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