Sean Freeman for Creative Review

The Creative Review Illustration Annual 2010 has just hit newsstands and features front and back cover art by Sean Freeman.

For the project, Sean collaborated with photographer Jane Stockdale to build a 16 sq. ft. infinity mirror box and use experimental light sources to create lines and color. Here is what Sean had to say about the project:

“I had wanted to work with Jane [Stockdale] for ages because she is, just, completely fearless.  When I received this brief, asking only that I create a piece using the letter “I”, I really wanted to experiment with color…I was interested in using the idea of a kaleidoscope.  Jane suggested we play with infinity mirrors, and so we set to work rounding up all our mates who have varied skills, from set designers to art directors.

We bought tons of materials to play with– from LED lights to glitter, to fishing wire and thousands of glow sticks.  While we were shooting the box, we would vary our light sources and move them slightly around, and each time the resulting image would completely change!  It was really wicked working on a project where I could be completely experimental and do something I had never done before.”

To see more of Sean’s work, visit his portfolio on Levine/Leavitt’s website.

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