Interpol design by David Calderley/Graphic Therapy

Graphic Therapy were approached to design the new Interpol album, the legendary New York band’s 4th to date.

We caught up with David Calderley from Graphic Therapy for a few words about the project:

“I had worked with Interpol on the previous album ‘Our Love to Admire’, so obviously I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with them again.  I have always been a fan, so it was great to be involved again.  Working closely with lead singer Paul Banks, the concept was influenced largely by the ancient stones of Puma Punku and the concepts of navigation, re-alignment in both a physical and emotional space.”

“We spent a lot of time breaking down the original logo derived from Avant Garde and seeing how, with ligatures and modifications, how we could make it a series of geometric shapes that interlock and form ‘Interpol’.  I recall the process proved challenging as sometimes it unexpectedly took on a metal or prog-rock vibe which, given the subject of ancient mysteries, was an easy place to find yourself.  The finished piece had the desired effect and usability we needed.  We left a tiny bit of ‘metal’ in there, but overall it kept the Interpol sensibilities.”

“After this was approved we went to GMDThree studios in NYC to bring it life through animation.  First seen on the opening section of the bands website, it was turned into a 3D monothith of black onyx and coming together with a mini score written by Paul it set the tone for the campaign.  Graphic Therapy then refined and developed the pieces into still life adding texture and etchings of coded lyrics to give the stones reference and sense of scale.”

Interpol are touring this Summer throughout Europe with U2, Graphic Therapy had the video refined and extended for use on the gigantic 360 video screen of U2 fame.

Charlie White Directed the Video for ‘Lights’.  Through his treatment the theme and palette were extended and taken from existential object to reality and specific narrative. Can be seen here:

GraphicTherapy also designed the merchandise for the upcoming Summer 2010 Tour. Extending the concept of navigation and re-alignment. Being their fourth release we decided to subtly add some references to the number four.

Interpol by Interpol is due for release this September on Matador records.   You can see more work by David Calderley on the Levine/Leavitt site.


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