Danny Clinch Shoots Preservation Hall Jazz Band for Playboy Magazine

Photographer/filmmaker Danny Clinch and Preservation Hall Jazz Band joined forces once again, this time on a shoot for Playboy Magazine in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Band director Ben Jaffe graciously gave us a few words about the shoot and working with Danny:

“We really wanted to present the band in a dignified and time-honoured way and one of the oldest traditions we continue to participate in is funeral processions.  You have to be open to allow the project to tell you where it belongs – Danny is so open to the universe, creativity, and it takes someone who’s so open to all the possibilities.

“There’s so few people who understand and internalize the way we do in New Orleans, and that’s why we have such a specific relationship with Danny.  He understands without having to explain, he’s a very intuitive person. We talk very little about what’s going to happen.  Danny trusts me with the music, we trust him to create these beautiful images.  It’s rare to find someone we trust so implicitly. Danny has a way of making those situations so natural, so organic.”
“Our clarinet player, Charlie gabriel, (above, pointing) is 78 years old, 4th generation New Orleans musician.   His first reaction (to seeing the photo spread) was ‘man, that’s bad, that’s bad, that’s bad.'”

The August 2010 issue of Playboy is available on newsstands now.  To see more of Danny Clinch’s work, visit his portfolio on Levine/Leavitt’s website.


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3 responses to “Danny Clinch Shoots Preservation Hall Jazz Band for Playboy Magazine

  1. stef

    wow. now THIS is a fine posting! well played, L/L. solid interview…great images. killin’ it.

  2. Colleen Newvine Tebeau

    I would love to use one or two of these images for a blog post I’m writing profiling Clint Maedgen. Would you approve of my using a photo or two if I give you credit and link back?

    Or should I go to Danny’s site to ask for his release?

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