TAB at the TAB, album package design by Adam Larson

Recorded live on February 27, 2010 by Trey Anastasio Band at the legendary Tabernacle in Atlanta, this album captures the band at the peak of its powers and includes live renditions of classic TAB songs and numerous new compositions.

Adam Larson’s cover art depicts Trey’s signature guitar, made exclusively for Trey by Paul Languedoc.  Paul was Phish’s sound engineer from the late ’80s through 2004. In addition, Paul is a master luthier who has built virtually all of the guitars Trey has played in Phish, including the mini-guitar that Fish and Trey took to Europe (and on which YEM and Harry Hood were written) in 1984.

Album now available for pre-order on the Phish site.

See more of Adam’s work on the Levine/Leavitt site.

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