Dewar’s by Danny Clinch

Dewar’s, the number one selling premium Scotch in the United States, has released the redesign of the entire Dewar’s portfolio.  The new look visually links the products together as one unit for the first time in the brand’s history.  To launch the new packaging, the brand has worked with famed rock-and-roll photographer Danny Clinch to capture the new look on film.

“We’re thrilled to unveil Dewar’s modern new exterior, as it fully captures the energy and vigor that defines the brand,” says Dewar’s Vice President, Brand Managing Director, Fannie Young. “The dynamic new packaging gives consumers the opportunity to recognize the Dewar’s brand as a family, and to explore the portfolio as they become more familiar and engaged with the brand.  Photographer Danny Clinch epitomizes the Dewar’s man, and we’re so impressed with the way he captured the new bottle design through his lens.”

Clinch confesses, “I was very inspired by the shape of the new Dewar’s bottle, and the way the curved edges resemble the shape of a guitar. I tapped my personal style and influences from the music world for the shoot.  I brought my own equipment, including a guitar, harmonica and vintage speakers, which allowed me to capture the striking new bottle in a visually stimulating and exciting environment.  As a long-time Dewar’s drinker, I’m so honored to be the very first to capture the essence and spirit of the new packaging.”

Clinch not only photographed the new Dewar’s portfolio, but will also serve as a Dewar’s Brand Ambassador.  The Dewar’s new packaging is now available and on shelves.

See more of Danny Clinch’s work on the Levine/Leavitt site.

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  1. Gorgeous yet manly…as only Danny can do.

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