Puma campaign shot by Nick Meek

Photographer Nick Meek collaborated with Droga5’s Amanda Clelland and Tim Gordon to shoot this 3 ad campaign for Puma’s new mobile phone.  The ads portray people finding themselves in crazy situations after an unexpected adventure.  Luckily, they have their Puma phones with them.

We caught up with art director Amanda Clelland for a few words about the shoot and working with Nick Meek:

The campaign has a distinct personality that is both adventurousness and offbeat humor – what is story behind that?
Puma is a brand with a great sense of humor. They love not taking themselves too seriously, and being very inclusive. A lot of the humor in these images lies in the irreverence. The story lines are based on letting the night take you where ever, and sometimes you’re not sure how you ended up there. Whether its hiding from someone amongst a herd of goats, or trying to figure out where your cabbie went, you’ll  need a phone equipped with the proper tools to help you retrace your steps.

Were there any special moments during the shoot where you felt the essence of the project was coming to light?
As soon as the animals arrived. chickens went astray, goats got anxious, and a horse was being stubborn. I knew Nick would catch these unscripted moments that would carry the essence of the project: finding yourself in unexpected situations and dealing with it.

How did you come to choose Nick Meek for this project?
Nick’s work carries a beautiful tone in color and personality. He captures a lot of obscure subject matters, and treats them with such grace. His light and color palette is amazing. We were so happy with the outcome of the shots, and working with Nick was such a pleasure.

See more of Nick’s work on the Levine/Leavitt site.

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One response to “Puma campaign shot by Nick Meek

  1. Julius and Erika Muschaweck

    We love the ads, especially of course the ad with “Arni”, the Icelandic horse. He once belonged to us with his buddy “Huginn”, the palomino. We were riding them in Grand Teton National Park on all the great trails.
    Now he even got to be in NY on Times Square!
    Erika and Julius

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