Trujillo/Paumier shoot Jamaica for NY Times T Magazine

Photographic team Trujillo/Paumier were commissioned by the New York Times Style Magazine to shoot Island Records founder and music industry mogul Chris Blackwell and his many properties on the island of Jamaica.

We asked Brian and Joaquin for a few words about the shoot, and working with Mr. Blackwell:

“It was like being invited to Jamaica by the prime minister” says Brian Paumier, “Chris Blackwell is as real as it gets.  Period.  A true supporter of Jamaica and it’s arts.  Not afraid of anything, he has experience to another level.  We didn’t know too much going into it, but coming out of it we left wanting more.  This was a truly different Jamaica, Chris’s Jamaica is a Jamaica I want to go back to.”

“When I think of Jamaica, I think of music, green, red and yellow colors, and this was exactly that.” says Joaquin Trujillo.   “It was a great experience to spend 2 days with Mr.  Blackwell.  He was an open book, talking about his amazing time spent with Bob Marley and so many other artists.  And I know he wants to give back to Jamaica, the Jamaica that has given him so much.  These images are just a small look into what Jamaica was for us, an island full of life,  from her landscapes to her people.  There is something about the island that makes extraordinary people and Chris Blackwell is one of them.”

Read the article in the Times on their site here.
See more of Trujillo/Paumier’s work on the Levine/Leavitt site.

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