This Is England poster by Sean Freeman

The latest piece from artist Sean Freeman and a few words from the man himself about the project:
“I was asked by AllCity to take part in an exhibition they were running, where they ask a variety of different typographic artists to re-interprit a poster the agency had done.  I chose This is England, it’s such a great film.
To me, This is England is all about becoming.  The last part of that becoming, and to me the biggest, is when Shaun gets his tattoo – the most permanent mark that he is now immersed into this subculture and thats where I wanted to concentrate this poster on.  The films’ subject matter is gritty, it’s rough and its real and I wanted to create a piece that tried to reflect that as much as possible.
You can see more of Sean’s work on the Levine/Leavitt site, or on Sean’s site

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