New personal work by Brian Paumier and Joaquin Trujillo

Showcased today on FeatureShoot, article by by Alison Zavos: two new individual projects from the photographic team known as Trujillo/Paumier.  They began their collaboration during their studies at the Art Center College of Design Pasadena in 2001. Best known for their poised and meticulous portraiture and travel imagery, their work embodies an old-world formality with modern wit to make for the perfect integration of theatricality and contemporary style. This set of photographs is a combination of their individual personal work.

Brian writes of this series: ‘I spent eight years in the Military. Like so many service men and women, I left my experience on the front line with the mental residue of war. My series of self-portraits is titled PTSD, in which I alter my appearance and articulate through masculine stereotypes. With my beard and mustache, in combination with traditional clothing, I want to communicate how men wear masks to protect themselves. Through this work I aim to expose the invisible effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder on my generation of veterans. My time in war might be over, but the combat goes over and over in my mind’.

Joaquin Trujillo writes of this series below: ‘Flowers are really important in my mother and sisters’ homes, not just on birthdays and anniversaries, but every day and year round – on their patios and through their houses. When I was a kid, I used to pick flowers for each of them. But December 12, Guadalupe Day, was extra special. I would make a bouquet that was so amazing, I always felt like I had taken home the first place blue ribbon at an American county fair for it. Six flowers and one arrangement is the representation of love and support they have given me’.

You can see more of Joaquin and Brian’s work on the Levine/Leavitt site.

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