Typography Tuesday: James Cracknell Trilogy by Sean Freeman

Another great use of type from artist Sean Freeman.  Commissioned by Discovery Channel,  Sean created this ad for the upcoming trilogy on James Cracknell, a British rowing champion, adventurer, and double Olympic gold medalist.

James Cracknell is unstoppable.  The team at Discovery were hoping to take the mantra “NOT” and treat it in a visual way to describe Cracknell’s adventures.  Sean was asked to bring the idea to life with the repetition of mantras, offering the viewers an insight into Cracknell’s complex character and the incredible journey he undertakes in the 3 films.
A few words form Sean Freeman about the project:
“I chose to appraoch this in a rough manner which I think helps with the subject matter, terrain, grit, sweat, pain…. Using elements like ink splats, paint sprays, texture sI’ve collected over the years, was the best way to add some grit to a very white page. The idea of James’ mantra being repeated over and over again, Not the pain, not the boredom, not the heat….. was great content to play with – and I particularly enjoyed blending the type in with James’ skin. I wanted to continue this notion of texture into both the type and with the headline really felt that straight flat type wouldn’t cut it, so embraced a more organic approach.”


You can see more of Sean’s work on the Levine/Leavitt site.

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