My Morning Jacket shot by Danny Clinch

Today the title cut is unveiled from the upcoming My Morning Jacket album, Circuital, out May 31st. You can download the song now on the My Morning Jacket site. This image of the band, taken by Danny Clinch and composited by Josh Goleman, was shot in NYC earlier this spring.

There will be a limited edition box set released as well.  10 boxes selected at random will contain a “Golden Ticket” entitling the bearer to an original print signed by the band and Danny Clinch. One box will also include two all-access laminated passes to use at a Circuital 2011 live show of choice.

Taken from a post on NPR’s blog:

We asked singer Jim James about the new record. He wrote back:

“There is a certain feeling you get in your mouth when you drink water or milk; it’s like your mouth knows that they belong there. They mesh right in. Now, I’m no scientist, but I feel the molecules in milk and water are more circular or soft, rolling, wave-like — more akin to the cells already existing in your body, far different from the triangular pointed saw-wave feeling you get when you drink a fizzy water or a beer or something bubbly that clashes with the body. A feeling that’s not necessarily bad — sometimes that clash is fun. That’s why we love those things, but we need the water and the milk to live. As we worked on Evil Urges, our last album, we strove to make the experience fizzy and jarring and disorienting, and hopefully in a way that was fun for the listener. But as life goes on and changes you, you change the music you make. As we were working on this new album, Circuital, I felt in my body and mind that its molecules were more easily absorbed in a natural and nourishing way. And hopefully, it will feel the same way to you as you listen. “

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