Nichi Vendola shot by James Day for Italian GQ July Cover

Italian politician Nichi Vendola graces the cover of the July issue of Italian GQ, photographed by James Day.

He has been called the Italian Barack Obama — an improbably elected official who has mobilized his country’s youth in an Internet-driven movement of hope and change.  Others liken him to another governor of a poor, conservative state, Bill Clinton. No matter who you compare him to, Nichi Vendola is hardly typical of either Washington or Rome.

Openly gay, a former communist whose father deserted fascism after reading John Steinbeck, and a poet with his own YouTube channel, the popular governor of the boot heel region of Apulia has vowed to end the era of “Berlusconismo” and become the next prime minister of Italy.

You can see more work by James Day on the Levine/Leavitt site.

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