Umbro Blackout Collection shot by Sacha Waldman

Sacha Waldman worked with the team at Anomaly to create these ads for Umbro’s Cosmos Blackout collection, which pays homage to one of the most significant moments in New York City history, the Blackout of 1977.  

It’s known as the city that never sleeps, but on July 13 1977 New York fell into complete darkness as a blackout swept over the entire area, plunging NYC into chaos. By coincidence, Brazilian defender Carlos Alberto Torres was arriving in the city at the same time to sign for the New York Cosmos football team, a move that would see the celebrated squad move from contenders to genuine champions.

These two moments are the inspiration behind the Cosmos Blackout collection, which takes some of Umbro’s most celebrated items and shapes them into a cool tonal range. All the products are black on black, but find flashes of color and texture through the use of embroidery, UV responsive paint and reflective prints.

You can see more work by Sacha Waldman on the Levine/Leavitt site.

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One response to “Umbro Blackout Collection shot by Sacha Waldman

  1. Very nice, the light is really cool, thanks for sharing

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