KarlssonWilker take a European roadtrip to launch the Mini Coupe

When Mini contacted New York City based karlssonwilker for campaign ideas surrounding the launch of the new Mini Coupe, we’re pretty sure they did not expect to produce a road trip through Europe.  And that’s precisely what karlssonwilker founders, Jan Wilker and Hjalti Karlsson convinced Mini to do. The pair, along with KW creative director Nicole Jacek, drove two Mini Coupés across southern Europe with a film crew and photographer making stops to meet with area creatives and document their adventure. They came up with the plan once they heard the ‘Another day, another adventure’ theme Mini was looking to develop ideas around.

A few people they met along the way:

Romanian underground heavy metal band Monarchy:

Michelin-starred chef in Bulgaria, Joro Ivanev:

A Romanian graffiti artist Sinboy:

And they survived a few run-ins with the law:

The trip was documented online  and as part of a special 24 page inset designed by karlssonwilker in the release of Matter, a new magazine launching in October.  We are quite pleased that Creative Review covered the story yesterday!
You can see more work by karlssonwilker on the Levine/Leavitt site.

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